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I know that I'm the maintainer of this community, but I feel like it's all in fairness that I be required to fill out the application since you guys are required to - and to give you something to model yours according to. Not necessarily the bands that I choose and the views and opinions that I have, but the length and the entities that are covered and whatnot.

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- Name one "genius" band/artist.
Incubus. Brandon Boyd is a fucking lyrical genius and his voice is so naturally beautiful. And Mike shreds the guitar like no other - he is amazing. Their music is so chock full of originality. And regardless of all their air time on MTV and all of their worshipers and publicity, the guys are so down to Earth and though their music has changed a little to keep listeners on their seat, there's still that 'Incubus' feel to it that comforts you in knowing that these guys are still who they were in the days of Fungus Amongus to a reasonable degree. We all change - they did it the right way.

- Name ten proceeding favorite bands/artists.
> Against Me! - I've seen them live in my city...they're not exactly local but they're certainly a Florida band. They put on the best live show I've ever seen in my life and that's impressive when a band sounds better live then they do on CD. And they're original - fist in the air rockers with acoustic guitars. There's a mood to their music that just makes you feel proud to be an Against Me! fan. They're amazing. They write about everything from politics to love to their personal touring experiences.
> Hot Water Music - I've seen them live once, also in my city. I was up front for their set, and they are incredible. The lead singer has a raspy, strong voice and it sounds like he smokes 30 packs a day but he pulls it off so well. Their lyrics are so well written, and they're genuinely good musicians.
> Thrice - I've seen them live as well in Orlando - it was worth the traveling. These guys have amazing guitar riffs and the lead singer has an amazing voice. When he's not screaming. It's just warm and he hits his notes right and everything about them screams "real musicians". I've loved them since day one and regardless of their ever-growing popularity and growing fan base of teeny-bopper ten year old girls, I'll always respect their music. From songs like "The Red Death" to "Trust" to "Paper Tigers", they are a band of many a style and genre.
> My Hotel Year - These guys are amazing. Three guys on vocal and a stage presence that gives you chills. I've seen these guys twice and I regret passing up a third opportunity. There are three guys on vocal and their voices fit so well together, like puzzle pieces and it just puts you in a state of constant ecstacy when you hear their music. I think they're great. And I love listening to their music...they're so emotional, and their music is original. I love them so much.
> Yeah Yeah Yeah's - I'm almost embarassed to say that I have just recently jumped on the YYY bandwagon - but these guys are great. They have their flaws...but I can't find them. I fell in love with Karen O's voice as soon as I heard it. Their music is catchy and upbeat and you can almost feel the smartass attitude behind it all. From dance party happiness to depressing ballad sadness, I can relate to these guys from one spectrum to the next. They're care free, and they're good, and they love what they're doing and you can feel it in their songs. I just wish their lyrics made more sense so I could somehow relate to what she's trying to say.
> Bear vs. Shark - My boyfriend introduced me to the greatness that is Bear vs. Shark and I immediately fell in live with them. Maybe it was the lead singer's voice which is very similar to that of Hot Water's lead singer. Maybe it was the fact that my name is 'Kaleigh' and it sounds like he's singing to me in 'Kylie', maybe it's the way I can relate to 'being a baby at just, just seventeen' in the last song on the album, maybe it's the originality of their music and the pride that this band has...oh but I don't like that they had a show booked here and cancelled last minute. That took away some of their cool points.
> Phantom Planet - I saw these guys when they opened for Incubus on the Morning View tour back in June of '02, and I fell in love with them immediately. Not just because the lead singer is fucking drop dead gorgeous - ahem - but they are different. Different is not different anymore, but they are different from the 'trendy' kind of different. An open minded listener has to be the one to make a home for this band in their heart. They have a Hell of a stage presence and they have an oldie feel with a newbie attitude and they're down to earth and classy and all around genuine. I think they're the kind of band that you love or you hate. Their music is really well put together and the lyrics are very well written, and original. You might have heard 'California' by these guys, at it's the opening theme song for the OC.
> Alkaline Trio - MATT SKIBA'S VOICE IS FUCKING GENIUS AND BEAUTIFUL, and I'd have sex with it. I'd have sex with him, too - but his voice had me at the first second. I appreciate the bands so much that you can distinguish from every other band ever by the singer's voice. Or the GOOD instrument solos (that's why I love Thrice - the guitar solos). And Alkaline Trio is one of those bands that has both of those things and I love, love, love them for it. I can't exactly relate to all the dark vibes received from many of the lyrics, but put that aside and you have everything I love in a band, in Alk3.
> The Beatles - Call it cliche, but I have to hand it to The Beatles. They were the first arena band, they introduced the world of music to completely different things...it was like man taking his first step on the moon - except bigger, to a true music fan. Without the Beatles, music would be so far behind where it is now. There is Beatles influence in almost ever good song you hear. In every stage show. They were just fucking amazing. And their music is a music that will never be outdated, or forgotten. I could sit here and listen to a Beatles album with my friends and it would be as great for us at it was for our parents when they were our age. If you love music, you at the very least respect the Beatles and all they have done in the name of music.
> Modest Mouse - These guys are another one of those bands that take some getting used to, similar to Phantom Planet. They're "weird", they're "different", but who's to say what's different these days? They write lyrics about what a lot of people don't write lyrics about anymore - it's almost hard to find a love song, or one that can be directly referred to as a love song. I actually like that. Their music makes me think. And their sound grabs my attention...I tend to single out each instrument and realize how everything is merged together to create "THEIR" sound. I love it.

- Name one band/artist that is a disgrace to the name of music.
I'm going to be cliche and say Avril Lavigne like everyone else normally would. But not just because she is a hypocrite and her music is the exact opposite of what she's claimed to be about. But let me pull out my latest edition of 'Rolling Stone' and quote her: "I can't stand performing 'Complicated'. But I'm not gonna pull the 'I'm not singing a single' like some bands who are too good to do that. You should always play your hits." Let me explain why this defines Avril as FAKE. Musicians write their music and perform because they LOVE music and they take pride in their own music. Isn't that what music is about? YOURSELF. We love the music we love because we can relate to it, and because it makes us feel a certain way. As a musician, you should perform the music that you love, to claim your music as yours. It's why Johnny Rzeznick almost killed himself when he got writer's block. Why would you fucking perform something you hate to please your "fans"? And the reason why some bands do not perform their singles is because everyone in the world has heard it and linked it to their band...now it's time to give them a more versatile, extended taste of what you are and what your music is. Her music is not only unoriginal like Avril herself, but it is meaningless because as much as she may disagree, her soul is not in her music. It's in her strive to have this "punk rock", bad ass attitude and to show the world that she "does not give a fuck what you think". She is nothing about the music. And it bothers me that she gets all of the attention she's getting and all of the air time and the money spent to put her shitty music out there to the world, when there are so many better bands and artists out there who are not being discovered and unexposed when their musical influence would better the world more than Avril's has.

- Name five proceeding terrible bands/artists.
> Simple Plan - Okay not to be prejudice but Canada sends us a lot of bad music and Simple Plan is a good example. The guy's voice just annoys the shit out of me and they seem like a Sum 41 spinoff. They need some definition and maybe they wouldn't be so bad, but right now I just can't seem to get what people love about these guys.
> Lillix - Another Canadian band...I don't like Lillix. Too manufactured, too unoriginal like most bands in this world, and why are they going on Warped Tour?
> Fefe Dobson - She likes D-12 and called Eminem a genius. Need I say more? She's a bad musician who appreciates bad music. But there are so many of them out there and I can't regard them all in this list - so I'll list Fefe as a generalizion.
> Good Charlotte - The guy's voice annoys the shit out of me, their attitude is overplayed, all of their songs sound the same to me, and their ego has outgrown their popularity. But I do have to give them credit for loving their music and performing it and writing it and being musicians - playing their own instruments, writing their songs, and having fun on stage. But the music...oh it's a shame.
> Trapt - for the same reasons everyone hates them, but the reasons ARE logical. They have no substance...their songs all sound exactly the same...they seem so manufactured and unauthentic and it just drives me fucking up the wall. I'll say that they're another general band to stand for the entire category of terrible alternative rock musicians/bands that are repetitive in sound and write about the same things that everyone writes about.
- Name three local/"underground" bands/artists.
> The Leftovers - My boyfriends pop-punk local band. Call me biased, but I think they're great and they're better than half the bands I hear on MTV - if not more. They draw big crowds at local shows and they've played with great bands like The Spitvalves, Folly, and My Hotel Year. They record their demos and LP's out of my dad's nuendo studio, in our living room...they practice weekly, and their loud but humble stage presence is enough to tell you that they love what they're doing and they practice in the bandroom the same way they perform on stage. They have more potential to be big one day than any of the other high school locals here. Check them out here.
> Senator - 13 and 14 year old political punkers - they're fucking terrible and too arrogant for their own good. They practice two times a month, and that's on a good month - quoted from Luke, a member of the band. The lead singer's voice is annoying enough to make me go insane, and their music is terrible except their guitar player is the only decent musician in the band. I would say he knows what he's doing, except he's in Senator so he does not know what he's doing. I wish they would die.
> The Know How - Arguably Gainesville's best ska band since The Spitvalves and The Busdrivers broke up and stopped playing. I go to these guys' shows because their upbeats make me happy and they know what they're doing. But I do wish Rude Squad was a local band so I could brag about their bad ass ska skills.

- The most cliche question of all: what are your views on MTV?
I can't talk trash about MTV because they introduced the world to new music and gave us a reason to go out and buy CD's and knowing what we were getting ourselves into. That is, until they strictly limited the amount of good music they play to the bands' smash hits, and replaced decent music air time with reality shows completely un-related to music. It wouldn't bother me...except why not air that on VH1, as MTV is supposed to be MUSIC television. Tell me...where'd all the music go? I love old school MTV - the days of Daria and Beavis and Butthead and loads of music videos and better music...I just personally think it's dwindled over the past couple of years and I can hardly stand to watch it anymore. But I must admit I sometimes have a weakness for certain seasons of The Real World and Road Rules.

- Give us an original quote to summarize your views on music:
Music cleanses the soul and if I didn't have music to retreat to and to become best friends with and to get to know and love and form a taste in music that defines my character and who I am, I would have killed myself years ago in my loss of something deep to live for. If you reach to the depths of who you are and try to put yourself into words, music is the only way you'd be able to do it..."I feel a little bit like 'Every Day' by My Hotel Year"...or "That song by Incubus - Stellar...I can't tell you what it feels like to fall in love, but Brandon says it best in that song"...and "The Yeah Yeah Yeah's...listen, and you'll know what I feel like when I'm happy", or "I'm in a really Against Me! mood today..." - you know what I mean.
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