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What do you love about music?

to begin with, everything.

true music appreciators unite
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"We are not groupies.
Groupies sleep with rock stars to be near someone famous.
We're bandaids.
We're here for the music."

MAINTAINER: ___ma_jolie

If you listen to good music, you've found your humble abode here on LJ. If you're one of the more sensible who realize that there is a clear line where good music ends and bad music begins, and can support your individual taste in music with your own knowledge...then you are probably welcome here. However, the completion of the below application is required apon your wish to join, as it is necessary to weed out the fucks who we don't need to create a strong and sturdy member base which is capable of defining the goal and the purpose of this community: to unite the great music lovers of LJ.


- Name one "genius" band/artist.
- Name ten proceeding favorite bands/artists.
- Name one band/artist that is a disgrace to the name of music.
- Name five proceeding terrible bands/artists.
- Name three local/"underground" bands/artists.
- The most cliche question of all: what are your views on MTV?
- Give us an original quote to summarize your views on music:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

TIPS: Provide as much fucking detail and reason as you possibly can. Do not answer in lists...answer in complete sentences. Or paragraphs. There's a reason why this application doesn't consist of one hundred ridiculous questions. Chances are, the kid who lists ten terrible bands for their favorites and gives me great reasons why these bands are fantastic, will have me convinced he is active in the music community and he's pretty rad regardless of our differences in musical taste. And the kid who lists all my favorite bands for theirs as well, will NOT be accepted if he doesn't give me reasons upon reasons to believe that his musical knowledge is real. Tell me how long you've liked these bands, why you hate these bands, what you read in a musical review...provide links to MP3's or stories. Not all of this is necessary, but the more you give us, the more impressed we'll be. We want the core music fans of LJ.

IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED: Promote your asses off to get the greatest of the great. Post on a regular basis. Post about music. Music reviews, music critiques, post about new album releases, post show flyers if you're in a central area and one or more of the bands is good, post about upcoming toures, start a debate, let us know about new bands that break on the scene, whatever. If it's related to music, we want it. Pictures are welcome, just be absolutely sure to post them behind an LJ cut because we don't want to create problems on members' friends pages

IF YOU ARE REJECTED: You suck and we don't want you so don't come try again. Seriously.

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